We went to LA….and survived! So it wasn’t so scary after all. First impressions; typical California- sprawling suburbia with random shopping complexes on huge acreage, billboards, traffic, sunshine, palm trees, posers, wannabes, more palm trees…and more traffic, all interspersed with some really grotty sleazy areas.

First up, LAX to pick up littlest one- Katie.

Then off to Beverly Hills, an exclusive oasis- green, manicured, expensive, leafy, massive mansions (btw did I mention expensive?) felt like i was a voyeur, peeking through the curtains of a society I would never be let through the front door of.

Then on to Rodeo Drive, just to make ourselves feel even more out of place, where were you Pretty Woman? I forgot to get a photo of me with my Gucci shopping so have this instead.

Hollywood here we come…..

What a let down!! I think Hollywood must be more a state of mind than an actual destination. So grotty and sleazy not what you’d expect, Sunset strip although amazing just being there and seeing all the places I’d only ever read about before… omg that’s where River Phoenix died etc.. but so dodgey!!!What a place.

Sunset Boulevard…. a photo essay

And some LA freeway action.

As we headed west towards Santa Monica where we had a stroll along the pier.

Then headed North to Malibu, back onto 101 at Goleta, Home at 4pm!

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