Happy Birthday Chris

We awoke this morning to find ourselves victims of a strange American ritual/custom, our front yard and trees covered in toilet paper! Annie actually did alert me to it (good little guard dog that she is) as she heard the perps and barked a clear warning message to me last night about 11.30pm. Not knowing many people here and even fewer who know its Chris’ Birthday, didn’t take long to work out who it was… hope you had fun guys, and Eldon what were you doing up that late? Unfortunately Chris had cleaned most of it up by the time I got out there with my camera. Apparently toilet papering (as its called) is quite a widespread and accepted American activity it even has a spot in Wikipedia

Below is a lovely studio photograph of Chris’ Grandparents on their Wedding Day

Happy 21st Jimmy

I had a dream last night … there was a knock on the door, it was Liam saying “They let me off for my Birthday” Don’t know how he got over here so fast but that’s why it was a dream I guess.

Happy Birthday Son.

Liam David Hall

Born this day in 1987, Paddington Birth Centre, Sydney at 12.10am weighing 81/2 lbs and 10 days LATE!