Vancouver BC

So we had made it to Vancouver and waited nervously for our appointment at the US Consulate which turned out to be a 2 sec interview after a lot of queing, and waiting, and security checking, and we were told we could pick up our visas the next day! To fill in time we did a short walking tour of Vancouver which although it may be pretty it was just too darn cold for my comfort level. I’m sure the parks are lovely n’all I just wasn’t the best person to judge.

Lots of white sleek boats, one bright yellow boat named “KARMA”


A Canadian duck i mean goose.



We left Vancouver and drove 18 hours non stop back home.

I had my first American road side diner experience at Patty’s Eggnest in Arlington WA , just like the movies!

This a photo through the windscreen of the car, it’s of Mt Rainer as we were leaving Seattle.